Day in the life

Rodan and Fields is #1!! 

HOLY SHIT YALL! Sorry for the language you’ll realize I don’t really filter it. But this is AWESOME! 

🌼I started Rodan and Fields about two weeks ago because I needed a change. 

🌼I’m in college and I’m trying to make sure I’m debt free when graduating. 

🌼We are talking about hopefully buying or building a home in the next year or so and my plan is to start saving now. 

🌼I like order and having control over things that I can and that is one of the reasons I chose to start Rodan and Fields. BUT seeing that the company that I just started is now #1 for skincare is just unbelievable awesome. 

😁It helps me know that I made the right choice in picking my side gig! Plus I am enjoying the products! If you want to read the article I have attached the link below. If you would also like to look into any of these awesome products hit me up! ❤❤❤❤ 
Allure Rodan and Fields 

My website for Rodan and Fields


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